Thursday, November 15, 2007

Remembering Grandma

Yesterday marked one year since Grandma Harris’ passing. While it’s been tough not to have her here, I know she’s where she needs to be. I like to picture her being able to move around without pain. I can see her smiling and there are times when I swear I can hear her tell me that she misses me like “blue blazes”. I know she and Grandpa are together, and that they're watching over us whenever they can.

One of my favorite movies is The Education of Little Tree. It’s a story of a boy who goes to live with his grandparents after his parents die. Toward the end of the movie, there is a part that always gets me ... even more so now. Shortly after Little Tree’s Grandpa passes away, he says,

“Not long after that day, Grandma had taken me aside and told me again about how her and Grandpa was moving closer to the understanding. So I shouldn’t be sad, ‘cause when their bodies died they’d still be together. Always … Their spirits knowing. And that was the last thing Grandma ever said to me. She died in the night. I found a note, which read, ‘Little Tree, It’s been good. Next time it’ll be better. Remember, if you need us anytime, just look to the DogStar and we’ll be there.'

I went up the high trail that same night and I asked Grandma and Grandpa, ‘Recon I could get closer to the understanding as well, so I could catch up with you? It was lonesome,’ I told them, ‘always being left behind.’

[Now] no matter where I am, in the dusk of evening I look to the Dog Star and I say to Grandpa and Grandma … ‘Wait for me. I’m still learning the way. But someday I will catch up to you and we’ll all of us be together again. Always … Our spirits knowing.”

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jocelyn, but you can call me jc said...

way to make me cry...
that is beautiful, really.