Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This summer we welcomed our fourth (yes fourth) child into our family. Sarah Keala (kay-ah-lah) Kau'ionalani (kah-oo-ee-oh-nah-lah-nee) was born on July 23rd. Keala means "the way" or "the path" and Kau'ionalani means "the beauty of the heavens."

So far she's had a rough time being spoiled rotten by her brother and sisters. They love her and were so excited to have her here. We think she looks a lot like Kahea did when she was a baby, but you can decide for yourself. So far she's still keeping us up at nights, but we're hoping that will change soon (daddy needs his sleep!).


karen said...

Well, I am sure glad to finally gt to see some pictures. She's as cute as her Auntie Karen!

adam said...

ALOHA MAI Richards Ohana!
HO, so cute! She really does have soulful eyes! And SOOO MOMONA!Senading my love and ALOHA!
Uncle Ikaika